Automated web analytics testing with Selenium WebDriver and Sauce Labs

I've been vaguely aware of Selenium and WebDriver for years through my mate Simon, but hadn't dipped my toe yet. Last night I had a little time to check it out.

For those who don't know, Selenium is a framework for automated testing of web applications. WebDriver is the component that allo


ws you to drive individual browsers. There's now hosted services that will spin up browsers for your tests at your command, one of which is Sauce Labs, so you don't have to go through the pain of setting up and maintaining all the browsers and platforms you want to test.

There's two ways you can test analytics tagging in this environment. The ideal is to set up a proxy (see Steve Stojanovski's approach) and then inspect the beacons as they pass through. That would definitely be an ideal situation, but it introduces another element to deal with. My approach is a bit simpler and involves getting WebDriver to run a bit of JavaScript that finds and outputs the beacon URLs for us to then handle.

To run this script you'll need Ruby, a Sauce Labs account and the WebDriver Ruby bindings. Follow Sauce Labs' instructions to get set up. The Sauce Labs free account gives you plenty of minutes to get started. You'll need to replace the username and API key with your details. Then run the script.

This script is incredibly simplistic. It just loads the page, runs the JavaScript, and checks to see if there was anything in the output. I'm having trouble with using it in IE6, so it'll need some improving. At the moment this is just for Omniture beacons, but it wouldn't be difficult to get it looking into any other types of beacons.

So this at least allows a simple sanity check that your analytics beacons are at least firing. A good start. I'll start doing more soon, though I suppose I should learn some Ruby first.
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Good Stuff. But i need C# code for same problem. So, will you send C# code for this problem.. Thanks
No, I won't do your homework for you.
Thank you so much for this head start on using selenium to capture beacon fires. This is exactly what I want to check for my web app.
No problem. Let me know if you make any improvements! I've been trying to get a proxy working in Node JS to do this better, so you could intercept the beacons directly. Not had much success so far.
Can we automate this using java based web-driver? We are using java language, can you please help my team by providing the java code to automate omniture tags testing? We are tired of testing tags manually and so we are looking forward to automate it and add the script to the functional tests of the page.