Omniture is so 1996

Training a new junior analyst with a web dev background I found myself cursing, yet again, how old fashioned Omniture implementation still is. JavaScript is a wonderfully expressive language with a beautiful object syntax for representing real-world behaviour. Omniture doesn't use any of this. Everything is strings with cryptic, archaic delimiters. Their JavaScript is Stringly Typed.

In case you don't know, the syntax of Omniture's product string looks like this:

 category;product name;quantity;totalprice[,category;product name;quantity;totalprice] 
For example:
The quantity and price are optional for any event except "purchase". Of course. Category is deprecated, so instead you have to always add a leading semicolon. Though the examples in the knowledgebase still helpfully include the deprecated category. Nice work.
Now try explaining that to a developer who won't read anything longer than a sentence, and expecting him to get it right. The number times I've seen "REPLACE THIS WITH THE VALUE" showing up in my Omniture reports is insane.
How about this as a better idea?
s.products = [];
s.products.push( {
productname: 'lemonade (cans)',
quantity: 3,
totalprice: 3.30,
s.products.push( {
productname: 'cola (bottles)',
quantity: 2,
unitprice: 1.23,
Any developer will understand this syntax immediately, no documentation required.
Now to convert that into Omniture's preferred Stringly Typed variable. Show this inside the s_doPlugins() block of your s_code file:
if (typeof(s.products) === 'object') {
var outputString = '';
for (var i = 0; i < s.products.length ; i++) {
if (s.products[i].totalprice === undefined) {
s.products[i].totalprice = s.products[i].unitprice * s.products[i].quantity;
if (i > 0) {
outputString += ",";
outputString += ";" + s.products[i].productname
if (s.products[i].quantity && s.products[i].totalprice) {
outputString += ";" + s.products[i].quantity + ";" + s.products[i].totalprice;
s.products = outputString;
Note, this isn't really tested and won't handle some of the more esoteric uses of s.products.
So really Omniture, this shouldn't be so hard. Why can't you update your code mechanisms to the 21st Century and start using the full expressiveness of the language? It will make implementation easier, because it will make more sense to developers!