Uploading an SSL certificate to an AWS load balancer

So you've got an SSL certificate for the domain name you want to use to collect data and you want to use it. How do you do that?

  • Open the AWS console
  • In the top-left select Services > EC2
  • Click "Load balancers"
  • Select the load balancer and click [Actions] > Edit listeners
  • Add a listener for HTTPS (port 443)
  • Click Change under "SSL Certificate"
  • For Certificate Type select "Upload a new SSL certificate to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)"
  • Give the certificate a name
  • Add the pem-encoded Private Key, Public Key Certificate and then Certificate Chain.
    • The Private Key was created when you made the Certificate Signing Request you sent to the SSL certifier.
    • The Public Key Certificate is what your your SSL certifier sends you back.
    • Certificate Chain defines the signatures between your certifier upwards to the root certificates for SSL. Search your certifier for "intermediate certificate".
  • All these things need to be "pem encoded". If your certificate doesn't look like that, try this with the OpenSSL command-line tools.